About Us

Our Company was established way back in 1995 as a service provider for Capital Equipments & Industrial Equipment. Subsequently in 2006, we have moved into Motion Control Products & Solutions and Industrial Automation.

Under Salnik Solutions We sales and service of Variable Frequency AC Drives, AC Invertors, AC Servo Motors & Drives & Soft Starters for Industrial Automation Applications. AC Variable Frequency Drives & Servo drives/Motors have a great role in regulation energy into the Electrical Motors. Thus saving lot of energy which is a major concern today for the Industries & for the environment.

Under Industrial Automation we build Automation Panels for the Machineries & for the Industrial Applications.We also supply & integrate Programmable logic controller (PLC), Human Machine Interface(HMI) a completely loaded automation system.

Mission :

Our Mission is to supply & integrate world class high technology Energy saving equipments such as AC variable frequency drives, Invertors, Soft Starters & Automation Panel which would enhance the profitability of our customers.

Vision :

Our vision is to save energy & provide a quality productions output by providing world class energy saving equipments. This would result in higher Industrial output at a low energy cost, provide a clean environment & increase profitability.


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