Pultruded Cooling Tower

Pultruded FRP cooling tower design without question , the best cooling towers available in the market today. The Pultruded FRP cooling tower design that offers the most effective and efficient cooling solutions at an economical price. These towers are perfect fit in a variety of Industrial applications from power plants, Oil Refineries , process plants & HVAC installations.

These cooling towers are designed using Pultruded FRP sections, FRP sheets for cladding, Stainless steel for fasteners and other hardwares. Properties of Pultruded FRP gives the cooling tower distinct advantages over other material of construction like concrete or timber. Engineering at Salnik Solutions gives shape to the finest of cooling towers whose aesthetic beauty make cooling tower area very special place in the plant. The strength of Pultruded FRP can be compared with that of steel. With FRP the question does not stop at performance but carries on to beauty and aesthetics. With wide range of colours to choose from, the colour of cooling tower can be matched to rest of the plant. No wonder when ever a timber cooling tower reaches its end of its life, there is always a demand to convert it to Pultruded FRP cooling tower.

Versatile and efficient pultruded fiber glass structure is resistant both to chemical and biological attack which makes it ideal for the inherent harsh operating condition of the cooling tower environment.

Our Pultruded FRP cooling towers are environmentally friendly alternative, which features no chemical leaching from the structural members into circulating water.

The Pultruded FRP cooling tower are fitted with variety PVC V splash bars to splash opti grid and Turbo splash fills , suitable for the poorest of the water quality.

The hardware & base anchors of the cooling tower are supplied in stainless steel 304 or 316 or Silicon bronze for sea water applications . Pultruded fiber glass has advantages over conventional cooling tower materials of construction like concrete, wood, steel etc.

Cooling Tower Features

  • PULTRUDED FRP Field Erected Cooling Towers .
  • Optimal Thermal Performance Design .
  • Heavy Duty Cooling Towers .
  • Highly Resistant To Corrosive Environment .
  • Low Cost and Faster Construction As Compared to RCC Cooling Tower .
  • Designed As per CTI Standards .
  • Designed As per Industrial Application.

advantages of FRP Pultruded Cooling Tower

  • Ideal For Wet & Dry Operation.
  • Lowest Power Consumption.
  • Light Weight Design.
  • UV Resistant & Non Corrosive
  • Maintenance Free
  • Longest Life
  • Weather Proof Construction
  • Performs To Required Specifications


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