B-XT Series

Human machine interfaces(HMIs) are device and software for monitoring and operating the automation facilities, using graphics designed by users. XGT Panels developed with the Windows CE Platform provide user-oriented convenience, clear and realistic expressions, speedy data transmissionand treatment, and software familiar to users. LS Industrial Systems has applied an easy user interface, cutting-edge graphic technology, and other innovative technology that includes fast, stable network functions to XGT InfoU, an HMI-based software program.

Features of B-XT Series

• 192×64 Graphic STN LCD Display
• 2 Ch RS-232C, RS-485
• Various function key-ESC, ALM, SET, ENT,
F1~F4, Arrow keys
• System RAM:1000 words
• Flash memory: Program/Parameter back up
• Supports RTC

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